Deadline: ongoing

ArtOpenCalls website is visited by both: artists and curators or art gallery owners. That is why we plan to create a special place on the website where the artists will be able to show themselves to the curators, gallery owners and all art fans. It'll be a place where one can look for inspiration for their own work and share their achievements.

Every week or so we will try to pick most interesting artworks, and post them on facebook and/or instagram. Informations about artists will be posted at website of ArtOpenCalls

There is no restriction in theme. There is no restriction in art medium.

We want to give you a chance to promote you and your art.

Rules (as simple as it can be):

1. All artists from around the world may enter this contest

2. The Entrant guarantees that the work entered for the competition is original and that he or she is the sole owner of the exploitation rights attached to this work. As such, the Entrant shall personally obtain permission from any third parties [both actual persons featured, and third parties that may claim intellectual property rights to the aforementioned photographs or videos (for example, photographs or videos featuring architectural monuments or sculpture)] having participated directly or indirectly in producing the work and/or who believes themselves to hold any right whatsoever concerning it. In the event of a third party claim, the Entrant will be liable for any eventual payments resulting therefrom.

3. Artists must be over 18 years old

4. Only completed entries will be taken under evaluation

5.  Artists give unlimited in time permission to the ArtOpenCalls to publish images or videos sent by artist in the selection process:

- on the website of ArtOpenCalls

- on Facebook page of ArtOpenCalls

- on instagram account of ArtOpenCalls

All authors will be credited under the image/video of artwork

6. Taking part in the competition means accepting its rules.

No entry fee

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If you have any questions please contact through facebook page:

To see artists selected in the past please visit: