Islam Allam


I’m a Digital Artist & Graphic Designer from Cairo,Egypt. Most of my artworks are currently classified as portraits (Digital Portraits). My artwork is a product of improvisation and listening to a music track while working on each piece, the music is randomly selected, when I listen to a piece of music and feel that harmony between it and the character I want to visually express flows, I start working on it immediately. Music plays a major role in the creative process as it represents the inspiration and guidance through the improvisation and creative process; it's a gate to get me into this distinctive mood which helps me reach, from my point of view, the visual result I have about the character who I'm trying to visualize through improvisation and reformulation of their facial feature.

untit,BassSsmM-eld/inspired by the music of "GregHaines-The Whole” 29,7x42cm
Digital Art
Most important exhibitions:
1- 2019 Not The F*cking Help  organized by BlankSpace, Norway
2- 2019 Beyond Borders( Venicelands Art Prize ) organized by anonima sognatori, Italy
3- 2019 The 4th PASA Festival  organized by Bitglim,  South Korea
4- 2019 Erotica organized by BlankSpace, Norway

untit,UnNkKkno1wWWn-eld inspired by the music of " Scanner - Spirit Cluster "
Digital Art

The inspiration is the real faces that give me space to express and paraphrase that by my seeing it. And Music plays an important role in the production process of portraits it's represents for me an inspiration and guidance for me during my improvisational and work steps on portraiture,It's a way to enter into a distinctive mode which helps me to achieve an expressive and appropriate visual result from my point of view of the person I am trying to express by improvisation in formulation of his facial features .

untit,YassSsMm-eld .inspired by the music of " Driftmachine - Observant Sirens"
Digital Art

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